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Over the last few weeks we’ve completely redesigned our Dustless Blasting website. We’re proud to announce that it is finally finished, with a new look, new information, and new real life pictures from people who own our machines!

Be sure to check out my personal favorite feature, the interactive 360 Machine View! It’s available on most of our machines, just drag your mouse over the image so you can see it from any angle!
We hope these changes will assist you in learning about the Dustless Blasting process. Of course like everything we create here at MMLJ we’ll be working to improve it continuously. If you have any suggestions for the site feel free to reply to this message! Have  a great and safe weekend!
This year will bring a lot of changes to MMLJ. Aside from our new building, we’ve also bought a ton of new fabrication machines to meet the worldwide demand and serve you better. In addition to the production changes we’ve made, we’re also completely overhauling our website to make learning about the Dustless Blasting process a lot easier. For our existing customers we’ll be working on beefing up the training resources available, so you can learn how to use your machines faster and easier. We’re hoping to launch the new website sometime Monday, so be sure to give it a whirl sometime next week!

New TV Show and Commercials!

We’ve got a new segment on My Classic Car this year, and this is one you definitely won’t want to miss! The new show will air on Feb. 7th & 9th on the Velocity channel! In the meantime we’ll have our new commercial running on both MAVTV and the Velocity channel on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout January!
Have a great weekend!

What a great year it’s been for MMLJ and Dustless Blasting. We appreciate all of you who have purchased or even shown interest in our product, and we hope your 2014 is as successful as our 2013 was! This little recap video doesn’t do justice to the scope of the changes around here, but it gives an overview. Have a great night and be safe!

Visit the Dustless Blasting website for more info about the revolutionary Dustless process.



As if we weren’t already on enough TV shows, magazines, websites, forums and news articles, we’re now on an episode of Overhaulin’! It’s a very popular auto restoration show on the Velocity channel. Crazy thing is we didn’t even know we were on it until one of our employees saw the episode! Chip Foose and his crew used our DB225 to strip the paint from a 1965 Mustang Fastback.

The point is, Dustless Blasting is everywhere, and it is quickly becoming the tool of choice for experts and professionals like Chip Foose. Pretty soon every body shop or auto restorer worth his salt is going to have one. The Dustless Blaster is the future of surface preparation, don’t get left in the past!


Dustless Blasting is the fastest, cleanest, greenest paint stripping and surface preparation option available today. Fortunately for you, almost everyone in this industry is using outdated, inferior technology. This creates a great opportunity for anyone who owns a Dustless Blasting system! You can get jobs done faster and better than anybody else. That’s what Dustless Blasting is all about.

A good example of this is the city of Chicago. Since the early 90′s they’ve been using soda blasters to remove graffiti from Chicago businesses. It’s slow, expensive, creates a lot of nuisance dust, and kills plants and grass. We took our DB225 to Chicago and showed them how much it could improve their operation. Watch the video below.

Ten years ago, soda blasting was the best solution to paint stripping and surface preparaton problems. Not anymore. While the rest of the world is stuck in the past, YOU can offer the future.

On Friday, Barry and his father came from Beaumont, TX to witness the Dustless Blaster first hand. They brought with them an old car door that was complete with rust, paint and even undercoating, so they could really give the Dustless Blaster a run for it’s money. Rust and paint flew off with ease, and Barry’s 75 year old father had no trouble making quick work of the inside door panel. Watch the video below:
Barry said this same piece would have taken him at least an hour with a wire wheel, but the Dustless Blaster did it in 3 minutes. If you ever want to come see the machine for yourself, just give us a call!
If you haven’t looked at our Facebook page yet, check it out! You can go to our “Likes” and see what Dustless Blaster owners are doing with their machines. It’s amazing to see how busy some of them are, and the wide range of work they do. Be sure to like us while you’re there!
This week we followed a local DB owner to Galveston, to blast a 61 foot steel boat. Don with Deluxe Mobile Dustless Blasting in Pearland, TX managed to blast from the waterline down in only two days, and the end result was great. This was the first marine job Don had done, and it earned him more work in the same marina! Watch the short highlight video below. Later we’ll be making a more detailed training video for people who are wanting to break into the marine business.

This boat was built back in 1964 at Abeking and Rasmussen in Northern Germany. It’s 61′ long, 18′ wide, and weighs 40 tons. Not bad for his first project! If you need surface prep near Pearland, TX contact Deluxe Mobile Dustless Blasting.

Our new DB1500 Mobile setup includes all of the handy features our other mobiles contain plus a 15 cubic foot blast tank and a 375 cfm compressor! With this much capacity and air volume you’ll be able to tackle jobs that would be difficult or impossible with smaller machines. Check it out in the video below:

Next week we’ll show you a great income stream that we’ve never talked about, which the DB1500 and DB3000 are ideally suited for. Until then, have a great week. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call!




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A few weeks ago a guy dropped off this 31 Ford so we could strip all the paint and Bondo from it. The Dustless Blaster would have made it an easy job anyway, but it just so happens that we had about 6 people there for demonstrations… so we let them do all the work! So what happens when a bunch of people who have NEVER used the Dustless Blaster before try to blast a classic car? Watch the video below to find out!

They ended up blasting most of the outside of the car in about 45 minutes, and it looked great. They must have liked the way it worked too, because they all bought mobile units after that.

Everyone who uses the Dustless Blaster becomes a believer. Their skepticism disappears just as fast as the paint. If you can make a trip to Houston, give us a call and we’ll show you the machine in person!

Like us on Facebook!

Facebook is a great way to keep updated on what we’re doing and and see real life jobs being done by real contractors who use our machines! Some of our contractors regularly post real-life videos and photos of blasting, so it’s a great place to see real unbiased videos. Sure, we’ve got 50+ videos for you to look at already, but WE made those,  and maybe you think we’ve exaggerated them. To see some uncut, unedited raw video shot by a real DB user is a great way to confirm that the Dustless Blaster is everything we say it is! Click on the link to the right to be taken to our page.

We’re hoping our YouTube Channel is going to surpass 460,000 views this weekend, help make that happen! 460K is no big deal for something like a Lady Gaga song, but it’s unprecedented for an abrasive blaster!
People have found our videos to be very useful in deciding weather or not to buy, and educating them after they do buy. So if you haven’t already, go subscribe!

We wanted to give all of our potential customers fair warning; we are shipping out a ridiculous number of Dustless Blasters each day and have fallen behind on orders. Spring is a prime time for anyone in the blasting business, and if you’re hoping to take advantage of all the great opportunities springtime will have to offer, you should order your machine very soon.

As you can see, we’re doing our best to keep up, we’re running two shifts, we’ve hired more welders, and we’re expanding our facilities. We’re not thrilled about falling behind, but we do want to be upfront about it so nobody misses out on jobs because they ordered too late.

Machines are shipped out in the order they’re paid for, so order soon if you have upcoming work planned!

We make a new video almost every week, so if you still have questions or doubts about the Dustless Blaster check out our YouTube Channel to see it in action. Have a great day!

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