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photo 3That’s right, Dustless Blasting is so awesome, we decided we needed our own NASCAR! We became a full sponsor of #23, normally the Dr. Pepper car, with Alex Bowman and BK Racing!  We’ll be racing at least twice in the Sprint Cup Series. Our first race is this Sunday (August 10) so don’t forget to tune into ESPN at 1 pm ET to cheer the #23 Dustless Blasting car on!

For more info on Dustless Blasting check out DustlessBlasting.com or if you want to learn how to start your own Dustless Blasting business go to MobilePaintStrippingandCleaning.com!


Hit The Ground RUNNING With the Dustless Blasting Marketing Package!

Making money with the Dustless Blaster is easy, but getting your name out there and building a clientele is the hardest part of any business. That’s why we’ve created a complete advertising package that comes with everything you could possibly need to get your business up and running! Check out a few of the things we offer below.
Custom designed high quality trifold brochures, business cards, vehicle magnets, promotional T-Shirts, a fully designed website, sales leads, and more can be yours when you purchase the Dustless Blasting advertising package along with your machine. It’s the perfect way to get your business going and start making profit FAST!
If you’re interested in the Dustless Blasting Advertising package, please give us a call, or SEE THE PACKAGE PRICING AND DETAILS HERE. Have a great day!

leaving-animationSpring is prime time for all sorts of abrasive blasting jobs! People want to get their classic cars cruise-ready and get their boats back in the water. It’s the perfect time to own a Dustless Blaster! We’ve been working around the clock to build up our inventory and currently, we could ship any machine within about a week. However, lots of savvy entrepreneurs and business owners are already placing orders for their machines, and if you wait until the last minute don’t be surprised if there’s a lead time. Machines are going FAST so order as soon as possible to avoid missing out on a prime moneymaking season! Visit DustlessBlasting.com for more information!


Do you Have Dustless Doubts? Over the years people have set us tons of parts to be blasted, covered with coatings they thought were “impossible to remove”. So far we haven’t found anything the Dustless Blaster can’t handle! One of the magical things about the Dustless Blasting system is that the water reduces friction and heat. This allows it to remove coatings that would be virtually impossible for dry abrasive blasters. Powder coating, undercoating, tar, glue and almost anything else you can think of can be removed easily with the Dustless Blaster. Watch the video below to see it remove industrial strength glue that would be a nightmare for a sand blaster!

The Dustless Blasting system is made by MMLJ Inc. the ORIGINAL manufacturer of abrasive blasting machine, first patent 1941. Still offering a lifetime warranty on blast tanks!

Our new DB500 Mobile is here! This is our most powerful and feature packed DB500 yet. This unit has a compressor that pushes 210 cfm at 150 psi allowing you to go up a nozzle size. This increases productivity by 1/3rd over our old DB500 Mobile! It also has the QuickFill feature which means you can refill the blast pot with water in about 45 seconds! Watch the video below for more info.

If you haven’t seen the DB500 Mobile on our website check out the specs and the  360 degree view of it HERE.


Check out our new segment on My Classic Car! Not only does Benny LeCompte explain the business opportunity Dustless Blasting has created, but Dennis Gage himself gets to use the machine on his very own truck in his very own yard! Watch it below!


fblinkBe sure to check out our Facebook page and look at the companies we “Like” to see all the various jobs other successful Dustless Blaster owners are doing! Click the image to the right!

This year will bring a lot of changes to MMLJ. Aside from our new building, we’ve also bought a ton of new fabrication machines to meet the worldwide demand and serve you better. In addition to the production changes we’ve made, we’re also completely overhauling our website to make learning about the Dustless Blasting process a lot easier. For our existing customers we’ll be working on beefing up the training resources available, so you can learn how to use your machines faster and easier. We’re hoping to launch the new website sometime Monday, so be sure to give it a whirl sometime next week!

New TV Show and Commercials!

We’ve got a new segment on My Classic Car this year, and this is one you definitely won’t want to miss! The new show will air on Feb. 7th & 9th on the Velocity channel! In the meantime we’ll have our new commercial running on both MAVTV and the Velocity channel on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout January!
Have a great weekend!

What a great year it’s been for MMLJ and Dustless Blasting. We appreciate all of you who have purchased or even shown interest in our product, and we hope your 2014 is as successful as our 2013 was! This little recap video doesn’t do justice to the scope of the changes around here, but it gives an overview. Have a great night and be safe!

Visit the Dustless Blasting website for more info about the revolutionary Dustless process.



Don’t wait until next year to buy a Dustless Blaster! Buy it now so you can claim it as an expense on your 2013 taxes! Make 2014 the best year ever by starting your own business and dictating your own income! One look at our Facebook feed and you’ll see that people all over the country are busy doing all kinds of jobs and making good money with their Dustless Blasters! Look at just a few posts below…

Like us on Facebook to see more successful contractors making money with the Dustless Blaster!

December is just around the corner so if you want to reap the tax benefits of buying your machine this year you’ll need to order soon! If you’re ready to dictate your own income, be your own boss or just increase productivity in your existing business, give us a call! 

*We aren’t tax experts, please talk to your CPA for tax refund details.


We had a very successful SEMA show this year! The booth was packed, and Benny and Zach got to answer a lot of questions from a lot of people.
We sold most of the machines we had at the show and Dennis Gage signed about 100 autographs in just an hour!
We’re now gearing up for the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington. If you’re interested in attending we can get you in for FREE!
Just CLICK HEREto register, and make sure to add the Promo Code: 107222 to make your visit free! We’ll have a DB500, DB800 and DB1500 there for your perusal. The show is November 20-22 at the CenturyLink Field Event Center. Have a great weekend!

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