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photo 3That’s right, Dustless Blasting is so awesome, we decided we needed our own NASCAR! We became a full sponsor of #23, normally the Dr. Pepper car, with Alex Bowman and BK Racing!  We’ll be racing at least twice in the Sprint Cup Series. Our first race is this Sunday (August 10) so don’t forget to tune into ESPN at 1 pm ET to cheer the #23 Dustless Blasting car on!

For more info on Dustless Blasting check out or if you want to learn how to start your own Dustless Blasting business go to!


Did you know MMLJ Inc. is a 73 year old company? We manufactured one of the first abrasive blasting machines in 1941! Since then we’ve stayed on the cutting edge of blasting technology, and lead the industry through innovation.

Our machines are legendary for their reliability. We have Sanstorm machines from the 50′s that are still in operation today! Check out our new MMLJ website HERE to see lots of cool old photos and learn about the history of MMLJ Inc.

There’s a new option for surface preparation in Houston, TX, and it’s called C&D Dustless Blasting! These guys can fulfill all of your sand blasting, wet blasting and surface preparation needs in Houston and Galveston areas with their new DB500 Mobile.



In addition to buying a machine from us, they also had us build them a website, create brochures, business cards, truck magnets and more. For the best blasting service in Houston check out C&D Dustless Blasting!


Hit The Ground RUNNING With the Dustless Blasting Marketing Package!

Making money with the Dustless Blaster is easy, but getting your name out there and building a clientele is the hardest part of any business. That’s why we’ve created a complete advertising package that comes with everything you could possibly need to get your business up and running! Check out a few of the things we offer below.
Custom designed high quality trifold brochures, business cards, vehicle magnets, promotional T-Shirts, a fully designed website, sales leads, and more can be yours when you purchase the Dustless Blasting advertising package along with your machine. It’s the perfect way to get your business going and start making profit FAST!
If you’re interested in the Dustless Blasting Advertising package, please give us a call, or SEE THE PACKAGE PRICING AND DETAILS HERE. Have a great day!
We’ve added a new page on our website called the Contractor Corner, where we’ll be sharing jobs that some of our Dustless Blasting owners have been doing. It’s a great place to see real life photos of actual projects being done by Dustless Blasting contractors.
If you own a Dustless Blaster make sure to send us your Facebook Page link so we can add some of your stuff to the contractor corner as well! Learn more at Dustless and be sure to like our Facebook page here!
We had overwhelming success at the Offshore Technology conference right here in Houston, TX! Our booth was packed nonstop with people in the oil industry who can see the advantages of using Dustless Blasting.
Some large companies such as Chevron, Shell Oil, PEMEX and Shell Nigeria have already begun using Dustless Blasting for their offshore operations. Offshore oil rigs and petroleum plants are just a couple of the many industries that Dustless Blasting is proving to be ideally suited for. Learn more about Dustless Blasting for offshore oil rigs on our OFFSHORE page here.

This week we went to Houston Beverage Distributing to watch the Dustless Blaster obliterate paint and primer from a 45 foot van trailer! The low temperature nature of Dustless Blasting makes it perfect for blasting the thin aluminum that trailers are generally made of. Check it out below!

Dustless Blasting can even remove vinyl quickly, as you can see in one of our other videos here. Fleet maintenance is just another one of the many income streams a Dustless Blaster owner can take advantage of! Get with your local fleet company and show them what you can do!


This week the Dustless Blaster was used on an episode of the TV show Fast N’ Loud! The guys at Gas Monkey Garage hired a nearby Dustless Blasting contractor to strip the paint, rust and body filler from the Falcon they’d been rebuilding. The paint came right off and the owner of the Dustless Blasting business even explained a little bit about the process. Check it out below.

Lots of customers called us this week saying they’d seen our equipment on yet ANOTHER TV show. Of course we’re excited, but it’s also great news for Dustless Blaster owners! When you buy a Dustless Blasting machine you’re buying into a brand that’s already well known and trusted, and becoming bigger and more in demand each day! For more information about Dustless Blasting, check out!


This week we had some guys from Twin City Powder Coating send us a “worst case scenario test”. It was a plow that was coated 10 times with powder coating, estimated to be 20-30 mils thick! They said that if the Dustless Blaster could remove that, it could remove anything. Watch the video below to see what happened!

Many powder coating companies across the country have the same problem, and smart Dustless Blaster owners can capitalize on this! If you’re wanting to own a Dustless machine before Spring and all the great jobs Spring will have to offer, you should order soon!

Dustless Blasting is perfect for many industries, including offshore oil rigs! The non-sparking and dust free nature of the Dustless Blasting process is just one of the things that makes it perfect for this application, and many others. Check out the new Offshore page of our website by clicking here!

rig1lDustless Blasting removes the toughest coatings faster than sand blasting, but without the dust plume. The system works by mixing abrasive and water together inside the blast tank. The water not only adds mass and energy to the blast, but also traps the abrasive and coating being removed, preventing them from becoming airborne. This reduces the need for containment, while making it easier to comply with MARPOL Annex V.

The Dustless Blasting system solves many of the problems presented by offshore repainting. It uses less media than outdated dry blasting systems, reducing the amount of spent abrasive that will have to be disposed of. The lack of a dust plume allows others to work in the same area unaffected, meaning less downtime and more productivity. Equipment near the blast area doesn’t get clogged with dust, and the non-sparking nature of Dustless Blasting makes it safe to use in most situations.

Unlike UHP, this process creates a new anchor profile, and when used with a rust inhibitor chlorides are removed, leaving a perfect primer ready surface. Dustless Blasting can take any metal, no matter how thickly coated or rusted, back to an SP-5 White Metal finish. The system is also extremely versatile, allowing you to blast without any proprietary abrasives. Sand, garnet, coal slag or any other clean, consistent blast media that sinks in water can be used, all without dust.

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